After searching high and low you have at last found your dream job with your ideal company and by various canny tricks also found out who the HR or recruitment manager is. This is a pivotal moment; you don’t want to blow it before you even get a foot in the door. First contact and first impression are going to be key. So even if it doesn’t feel like it you have to remember that the man or woman, who holds the key to your future, is just a person, like you. So her are four tips to get that foot in the door:

1. Making a connection

Any recruiter is likely to receive about 250 CVs for every position advertised. You need to grab their attention.

You can try:

  • Connect with recruiters on social media and job boards. (Surveys suggest that 93 per cent of recruiters already use or are planning to use social media to support their recruiting efforts)
  • Avoid the scattergun approach. Even if recruiters are active on multiple social media platforms, only choose one. Don’t inundate them with messages and requests.

2. Toe in the Water

Try to find something in common to break the ice. Sending an email or message over social media is very difficult to get right comfortably, just like a first date!

  • Maybe you both belong to the same organisation?
  • Did you attend the same school?
  • Look at social media and job boards to give you some leads.
  • Express enthusiasm but don’t go over the top

3. Details details:

Don’t get carried away and always make absolutely sure you are qualified for the job you want. Don’t waste recruiters time – or your own. Going for a job you aren’t qualified for will only frustrate them and disappoint you.

4. Patience is a virtue

Waiting to hear back is always a nail biting time. But resist the urge to check back in with the recruiter because constant communication will do you more harm than good. So sit tight and be ready to knock ‘em dead when that call finally comes!