Searching for the perfect job is never easy. Throw in a competitive and high performing economy, it becomes harder still. To support you in finding your next challenge, one of our leading Sales Recruitment Consultants, Koren Muller, has shortlisted her top 5 tips for securing that elusive dream job.


1 Have a plan

The biggest mistake many candidates make when applying for a new job is, not having a plan or being specific as to what they are applying for. Being more strategic about the roles you apply for and how you apply for them by tailoring your application to demonstrate your actual skills that meet the role requirements is time consuming, but, will result in a more positive outcome. Recruitment Consultants and Employers screen a large volume of CVs and application forms every day. By taking the extra time to ensure your application is specific to the role and by highlighting your skills which meet the role requirements, you will stand out and will hopefully be more successful. It is important however, that you are honest and realistic in your application.


2 Prepare

Far too many Candidates who interview with Recruitment Consultants or Employers do not prepare adequately. You need to demonstrate your due diligence when interviewing. You can do this by; understanding the role specifics, the company and their functions, their customers and recent news stories. Also, if it is a sales role you have applied for, I highly recommend that you have examples of your recent sales performance and how you generated those sales.

Another top tip is to practice answering common questions. Articulating clear and concise responses will strengthen any interview performance.


3 Ask questions

When you engage with the Employer or the Recruitment Consultant, make sure you understand the role. There’s nothing worse than being successful in a process to then find out after starting your new job, it’s not what you expected. Interviews are two way processes… It’s crucially important that an Employer understands your ability to perform well in the role but it’s equally as important that you understand the roles requirements and whether or not it will be a long term position for you.


4 Embrace LinkedIn

The Irish jobs market is considered by many to be a Candidate driven market at the minute. As a result, LinkedIn is the go to sourcing tool for many Recruiters and Employers. I have over 15 years’ experience in recruiting and I don’t feel that Candidates embrace LinkedIn like they should. This is the perfect platform for you to showcase your skills, experience and ability to hopefully attract your dream employers. Another top tip is to ask for recommendation from previous customers, clients and managers. These will strengthen your profile and attract more Employers and Recruitment Consultants.


5 Keep Track of Applications

We often see candidates applying for the same role time and time again. This doesn’t instill confidence in Recruitment Consultants or employers. The blanket approach to applying for jobs shows a lack of due diligence, lack of sincere interest and no strategic plan to secure employment. This links back to point number one above; have a plan, be specific in what you apply for tailor your applications to the role, employer and sector you are applying for.


I hope the above helps. If there’s anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to call me on 01668 5144 or email us at [email protected]


Happy job hunting!