It often feels like time is standing still as you wait for the outcome of that crucial interview. There are some things you can do, however, to make the time pass a little more quickly. Here are 6 of the best!

Follow up

Even if you are not that hopeful about how you did in the interview it is always good practice to send a brief and well-written note to follow up after your interview. We have all had that ‘doh!’ moment when we come out of an interview and remember that brilliant nugget we were going to dazzle them with – and didn’t. This is your chance to slip that in!

Keep a lid on it

Just as you don’t want to appear needy or desperate at the beginning of a romance, never spill all your frustrations about the job you are doing currently or appear too desperate in any other way. If you have any  questions post-interview, then it will be best to send those by email. But don’t do this unless it really makes sense to do so. You don’t want to irritate.

Don’t be slow

When you hear back from someone whose interview you have attended, make sure that you don’t choose that moment to play it cool. Although a prospective employer would normally allow 24 hours to hear back the sooner the better, so get right on to it.

Shop around, dont wait.

Although you might think your whole future is hinged on the outcome of this interview, it probably isn’t, so try not to obsess too much. Apply for other vacancies while you wait to hear.

Dont give up.

If your dream job does not become a reality and you are turned down, try to stay positive and to send a note thanking them for the opportunity and asking to be considered for any position that might come up in the future. Your professionalism will be appreciated, and who knows? There might be something even better around the corner.