A survey done by 2000 homeowners, who took on DIY projects hoping to improve their properties while saving money, showed that the results were sometimes disastrous and could end up costing more.  The survey found that 63% regretted not getting professional help.  About half of the respondents said their DIY efforts took longer and were physically and technically harder than they expected them to be.  I am sure we all have some humorous stories about a DIY project gone wrong!

This does not have to be the case in your business.  We are not all experts in every function / business area.  Uncertainty brought on by the economical impact the pandemic has had on several businesses across the Globe can leave Decision Makers in business with the temptation to DIY recruitment services instead of using a reliable partner, purely because of the perception that there are more available candidates in the market now that can be sourced by merely placing an advert. Or the perception that it will save their business money…

I assisted two of my clients last month to fill pivotal roles within their businesses, although they were advertising themselves.  One of the reasons why the candidates I presented were a better fit is that Talent Experts like the PRL Recruitment Team attract and engage skilled talent every week of the year and do not merely fish into an available pool of talent at a specific time and choose the best candidate that can be found at that time.  As part of our service we also offer a guarantee on all placed candidates and can also provide an extension, which limits the risk to the business and protects your investment.

Talking about cost and savings, have you considered what the actual cost to your business is for utilising core and non-core staff’s time in advertising, screening, coordinating, reference checking … the cost of a wrong hire to your business? Have you also considered that candidates share information about preferences with their agent more so than with the Hiring Manager?

Be wise and call in the experts today, consultants that can analyse your company needs and do a match in terms of culture, skills, experience and so much more. Call PRL Recruitment, your partner in Talent Search and Retention,  Koren Muller on 01 257 4680, alternatively email [email protected]