Conducting your job search with the wrong attitude could impede your chances of success. Possessing the necessary qualifications is no longer sufficient to secure a place in the competitive job market – even if, on paper, you are the most qualified candidate for the position. Employers seek more than qualifications and skills from prospective employees – they need assurance that you will mesh well with existing staff and office culture generally.

If you’ve been selected for interview it’s taken for granted that you’re qualified, so the interview itself should be viewed as more of an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and goals. Your attitude to this process is therefore inextricably linked to your habitability and moreover there exists an inverse relationship between bad attitude and interview success!

It’s a well-worn cliche that you only get one chance to make a first impression, but such cliches persist because they contain a kernel of truth. In this instance, statitstics bear this out. Employers make a decision on whehter or not to hire an interviewee within 30 seconds of meeting them and it can take a half hour to undo the damage caused by a weak handshake!
Here are the top 5 attidudinal errors for you to avoid during an interview :


From an employer’s perspective your demeanour at the interview stage is indicative of your behaviour with future colleagues. It’s imperative that you convey warmth and approachability.  Body language is also key in portraying conviviality – resist the temptation to fold your arms and maintain eye contact. Display interest in the oragnisation by asking questions and remember to smile when appropriate.


While it’s vital to project confidence in your abilities, take care not to come acrosss as conceited. Willingness to learn on the job is part of any new role and employers regard arrogance as an undesirable characteristic in employees.


Even if you’ve found the job hunting process perticularly trying, endeavour to buoy your spirits before your interview so you’re primed to speak enthusiastically about what you can ahieve in your new role. Optimism is a much sought after quality in candidates.


The search for employment must itself be treated as a job in order to be successful. Network as much as possible with your connections and prove to your prospective employers that you are motivated and seriuos about the role for which you’ve applied by following up with them after the interview. Even if an interview is unsuccessful, it’s worth touching base with the interviewers so they can provide feedback which you can use to tailor your performance in future interviews.


Strive to be well-mannered and dress appropriately for your interview. If you neglect to make the required effort to dress smartly this will be interpreted as rude by the interview panel. Such negligence suggests that you  couldn’t be bothered to make the effort and consequently are not serious about the vacancy. Remember to practice the rudiments of common courtesty such as politeness & hand shaking. These can sometimes be overlooked due to nerves so make a conscious effort to portray yourself in an appropriate manner.

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