Trying to find that right career seems like a daunting task doesn’t it?

There’s probably a whole range of questions going through your mind. All these why, what, where and whens swirling around like a tornado.

You don’t know where to start or how to go about it, you could be a young person starting out  for the first time in post education, someone who has been unemployed for some time or just somebody who needs a change. It dosen’t matter; the mountain seems just as high for everyone.

However, the truth is that mountain is no more than a foothill. It’s your own self doubt telling you it’s a mountain, remember anyone can do a job but it takes a lot of hard work, drive, commitment and determination to build a career.

Here’s the key, you need to look inside yourself and find that work ethic and drive and distinguish what your natural talents are. These natural talents are what make you stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

When choosing a career it’s wise to go for something you already have an interest in and  something you feel you may excel and thrive in by using your natural talents. Don’t choose something you feel you may lose interest and focus in after just a few months.

For example, imagine you have an interest in cookery and a starting career as a chef appeals to you. Just take a look at the bigger picture:

  • Are you prepared to put in the hours?
  • Could you adapt to the organised chaos and stress of a busy restaurant or hotel kitchen?
  • Would you enjoy cookery as much after a few months in the job?

Always weigh up the pros and cons of a potential career. If the pros prevail and you feel confident you can handle any cons that come your way then go for it. However if the roles are reversed then maybe it’s time to explore other options.

Remember this though, people can offer guidance but only you can choose that career you really want and if you have that hunger, drive and the natural talents to suit that career then the sky’s the limit.

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