For an interviewer considering a potential candidate for their company, is important to look deeper than just a good CV and relative is also important to asses to candidate’s personality as well.

Each person is different, we humans have our own set of characteristics that define the person we are.

How a candidate interacts with other is a professional environment is a huge factor in determining whether that person is the right fit for the company.

During the recruitment process an interviewer will come across many types of candidates, from the confident and outgoing to the shy and reserved type.

This is why it is important to prepare for each type of candidate by asking the right questions and using a suitable tone of language. Here we explore the 5 most common types of interview candidates that an employer may come across.

The driven one

This candidate will be obvious from the outset. These people are all about results. They won’t try to convince the interviewer about why they should be hired, instead they will outline how far they will go to bring success to the company.

Although these type of candidates may seem like every employer’s dream, their tenacious and impatient nature may make it difficult for others to work with them.

The bluffer

Any interview worth their salt will see through this type of candidate. This is the type that will elaborate their achievements to any lengths just to get the job.

While some of these candidates will unravel as soon as a good interview sees through them there are those that are convincing in their fabrications and may be difficult to break down.

The introvert

This type of candidate that interviewers dread. A litany of questions are met with short answers and awkward silences. It is for this reason that many quiet types are usually overlooked when it comes to a successful job application.

The key to getting this type of candidate to open up is by asking the right kind of questions. Using a straight business approach simply will not work.

Try using the personal approach and open ended questioning to build-up self esteem and encourage the candidate to come out from inside themselves. There may be a potential asset to the company lying behind that wall of silence.

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The confident one

This type of candidate is found in all walks of life. Nothing phases these people, they will walk into any situation with their head held high. They won’t shirk at any challenges or lose their cool.

Although these type of people are craved by employers it is important to note that many usually end up in conflict with fellow colleagues due to their outgoing and upfront nature. The confident type will already have a scripted answer to every question in their heads.

This is why it is important for the interviewer to ask open ended questions that require well thought out answers. This will show the interviewer if the candidate can display high levels of deep thinking skills.

The people pleaser

This candidate is also known as the “yes man”, this person just will not say no to any task or question. This candidate will go with the flow and let others delegate tasks for them.

While many employers cherish having a yes man on their team, their flexible nature may lead other to walk over them which in turn may cause some problems towards building a strong team spirit in the workplace.

In an interview, the people pleaser will agree with almost everything the interviewer says. this is why it is important to ask questions that may encourage the candidate to finally raise an objective. This is a test of resolve and will show if the candidate is able to think for themselves rather than just agreeing with everything for the sake of giving an answer.

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