When you have the gift of the gab and a knack for charm and persuasion, it’s a no-brainer that sales could be the right fit for you. Sales roles are broad, covering a range of positions and industries. It’s also one of the only sectors that don’t require a multitude of qualifications and experience to get into, and yet it has the potential for high earnings and the chance to train into the role above you. Any good sales recruitment agency such as PRL Recruitment will be able to help place you in the right arena, and the right skills can get you noticed. If you can present yourself well, stay driven and you have your wits about you, sales is an excellent career choice and a sector you can enjoy.

The Next Big Thing

There’s one thing that all salespeople have in common, and it’s the fact that they always have their eye out for the next opportunity; the next step on the ladder. If you’re ready to do that, you need to know your “why”, and the advantages of working in the industry which include:

Commission Potential

The more successful you are in your sales role, the more money you earn, and a lot of companies do not place a ceiling on this number. Sure, some commission ceilings exist, but for the most part, the roles pay you exactly what you deserve if you’re good at it!

Sales Are Quantifiable

If you are making sales, you are doing well, and that’s always what’s going to matter in a sales role. You will always be given KPIs (key performance indicators) to hit, and if you’re hitting and surpassing them, you have a great future.

Amazing Skills

You could transfer from industry to industry without too much difficulty in most sales roles. There are always opportunities to put your skills into practice, giving you the chance to be fluid and successful with hard work!

Meeting People

There’s no being alone in front of a computer in most sales arenas. You get to network, converse with a lot of people from different backgrounds and learn from them.


It’s an exciting career to chase, with the daily tasks being consistent and yet different. You may be tasked with meeting new people every day, so you would go and do that: the task is the same, the people are not. It’s an exciting way to enjoy a role that has so much potential for you.

As with any role, there are some disadvantages to consider. The high earning potential can suck you in, but you need to look at the basic pay rates to know if the job is right for you. You should also be aware that in those slumps, your take-home pay won’t be the same, and you need to prepare for that.

Six Steps to Sales Success

So, now you know the advantages, you need to nail that role. The job market is currently flooded with roles, but it can be a dog fight to get that foot of yours in the right door. Below, you’ll find six steps to help prepare you for that illusive interview. With these steps, you’ll be ready to take that next step and grab that job interview with both hands.

Step 1: Choose The Right Industry

Happy people are the ones who find success in any industry, and if they’re also in a sales job that they love, all the better. If you are brand new and starting with no experience, research as much as you can about the types of companies that inspire you and that you admire. Then, match those companies with your background and education, and make a list of the best matches around.

Step 2: Learn What You Can

With the companies that you are interested in, you need to consider what you want to sell. You may not have any interest in selling financial packages, but you might love the idea of selling insurance. Either way, you need to research as much as possible about the products you’re interested in so that you can build a connection with them. It’s so much easier to sell products that you are interested in, rather than products that don’t make you feel happy! Not only that, but the interest you have in the products will make you stand out from other candidates in your interviews.

Step 3: Interview Focus

If you want to make a good impression at your interview, know about the product that you want to sell and then think about which companies would buy the product you could be selling. Do some research there, too, because you’d be shocked with how many candidates don’t consider who they would be selling to. Knowing this can help you to get that role and impress your potential new boss!

Step 4: Get to Know the Company

You want to sell, and you’re headed for an interview to help you get there. The thing is, it’s not just the products that you need to research; it’s the companies themselves. A big part of impressing at your interview is going to be proving that you know the people that you are sitting in front of and want to work for.

Step 5: Sell Yourself

When you are in an interview, you need to impress with your knowledge of the benefits of their products, but more importantly, you need to impress with what you say about yourself, too. Make sure that your CV is with you, up to date and you know your skills to sell about yourself!

Step 6: Nail It

This step is about you feeling confident and ready to slip into the driver’s seat. A great track record of sales is going to help, but if you’re not qualified or experienced, then you need to consider how you plan to show how you can add value!

Securing the right sales job can often start with the right sales recruitment agency, such as PRL Recruitment. PRL Recruitment is Ireland’s sales recruitment agency of choice with offices in Dublin and Belfast and satellite offices Kilkenny and Cork offering an all-island of Ireland service.

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