As an applicant there will be times when you will be asked if you have questions about the job. There are some questions, if asked, that will make a good impression on the interviewer as well as getting you information you want to know. Here are 7 things you can ask to give the best impression!

  • Ask – What experience and skills would you want to see in an ideal candidate for the job? This question will give valuable insight and the reply will give you a very good idea of what the employer is looking for. The reply might even touch on something that you have not covered in your CV giving you the chance to assure them of your competence in that area.
  • Ask – What is the single largest challenge that your staff face and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem? This is a question that will show that you are thinking about how you would fit in and help the team, and will help the interviewer to imagine you actually working in the position.
  • Ask – What are some of the most enjoyable aspects of working here? This is a good question that will take the discussion onto a more personal level and make the talk a little less formal. You might find out a lot this way!
  • Ask – If there are any queries about any aspect of your application or qualifications. A useful opportunity to clear up any uncertainty
  • Ask – Is there any scope for advancement and further training? This shows willingness and a determination to progress.
  • Ask – Can you tell me about the team I would be working with? This demonstrates a healthy interest in your place in the team.
  • Ask – About the future plans of the company. This shows that you are focused on the company as a whole and can see the bigger picture.

Which one is your favorite?