There was further good news on the Irish jobs front this week as a recent report covering the first quarter of 2015 revealed that the net employment gain rose to over 100,000 since the low point in mid-2012.

The figures, released last week by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), indicates that Ireland is experiencing a strong, broad-based job growth. Unemployment is also falling sharply, which is reinforced by the recent news that the national unemployment rate has dropped below 10% for the first time since January 2009.

There are geographical disparities in unemployment rates across the country. In Dublin the figure sits at 8.8%. Contrast this to the South-East where the number rests at 12.8%. It should be noted however, that the South-East had an unemployment rate as high as 18.4% two years ago so it has experienced strong growth.

While the fall in unemployment has been aided by emigration, Ireland’s strong jobs growth looks set to continue according to the Sunday Independent’s Dan O’Brien.

Chief economist with AIB Oliver Mangan was cautiously optimistic in the Irish Examiner, stating that “overall, while recent trends have been encouraging, there is still some distance to go before Ireland returns to a more normal labour market.”

Jobs are being created across all sectors, with the exception of the country’s biggest employer. The distribution sector – made up of retailers and wholesalers – have over a quarter of a million people on its payroll.

While figures show that there has been a rise in consumer spending, the sector has still experienced a “concerning lack of real growth” according to Retail Ireland director Tom Burke.

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