The emergence of LinkedIn across the social platform has revolutionised the way jobseekers approach potential employers and vice versa.

The simplicity of posting or handing in a CV is a thing of the past. Applications by email or Jobs Board are increasingly becomiong the most common way of applying for a job. With that comes LinkedIn. On LinkedIn candidates basically put up your entire work history up on their profile. It’s like an online, interactive CV which also doubles as a social media account.

There are some features you can use to get to the top of the pile. These include:

  • First off you can put a badge on your profile specifying that you are indeed looking for a job which will bring you to the immediate attention of a potential employer.
  • You can see who viewed your profile, which means if there’s a potential employer in your field who has been on your profile, chances are there is a level of general interest and you will be able to contact and engage with the employer.

Resources like this are crucial and it is also important to keep working on your LinkedIn profile by expanding it and building up your network contacts.

The more you put yourself out there the higher chance of engagement you have with potential hiring employers, make sure your details are well written and accurate and have all relevant points of contact available.

You could of course choose to have the unpaid version but this limits your access to certain features and lessens your chance of being seen by potential employers, it is advisable however to used the paid features, what’s a small cost if it helps you secure full time employment or a business to business contract.

Previously at Sales Placement we published ‘Four tips for a stronger LinkedIn profile’.

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