As part of their recent Returning to Ireland guide The Irish Times have published jobseeking advice to emigrants who may be seeking to come back home.

One of the key features of the Celtic Tiger was the amount of emigrants who returned home during the boom years. Ireland now finds itself in a position once again where it could benefit from returning emigrants.

“Ireland could now benefit from a reversal of migration tends. As the job market recovers, immigration is needed to fill key skill gaps – otherwise employers in sectors such as software will base activity abroad,” Cliff Taylor writes.

“People returning to work here also pay tax, spend and contribute to the wider economy. They are likely to be younger than the average population – another economic benefit as our overall population ages and more people move into retirement.”

As the recent #HomeToVote campaign proved during the last referendum, Irish emigrants still do care for their homeland. We know their return would certainly be good for Ireland, but would it be good for them?

Journalist Ciara Kenny says that “the most important thing for most emigrants who are considering a move home to Ireland to consider is what jobs are available here, and whether they are on par with what they were doing abroad.”

In an ideal situation those returning would have a job lined up before coming back. That’s not always practical though, so it’s important for jobseekers to research the financial environment in which their chosen field of work is currently operating in Ireland.

Are job prospects strong? What type of tax would I be paying?

Be wary of unemployment rate statistics. While the national figure is looking as healthy as it has for over six years, parts of the country are still struggling. Economic recovery has been strongest in the east, particularly Dublin. However the Midlands still has an unemployment rate of 12.4%.

Consider if your line of work is likely to have many job opportunities in Ireland. At the moment there are skill gaps in the construction, healthcare, IT and finance sectors.

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