The summer holidays are almost upon us. And that means that the search for summer jobs for young people and college students will soon begin, if it hasn’t already.

Recently the Irish Mirror reported that 12,000 season jobs will be created in the Irish pub industry alone. Take into account new seasonal opportunities across the retail and restaurant sectors and this summer could be a fruitful one for jobseekers.

The Better Business Bureau shared some advice on finding a suitable summer job. Here are just some of their tips:

Start your search early.

Most of the common providers of seasonal employment will be looking to fill positions as early as possible. It’s pivotal for jobseekers to begin their search as early as possible.

Work where you shop.

Identify local businesses and companies that could be hiring. Familiarity with the company and their products can help candidates tailor their CV to the company.

Put your best foot forward.

Even if applicants have no intention of staying in employment beyond the summer, they should treat the opportunity professionally. Dress neatly and be prepared for the interview.

Be flexible.

Quite naturally, full-time and long-term employees are going to get preference when it comes to preferred hours and shifts. Applicants should be flexible when it comes to shifts and should ensure to make this clear on their CV and during the interview stage.

You can find more advice on building your CV and on impressing during interviews on our site. Make sure to submit your CV to us here at Sales Placement and take a look at our jobs boards for positions that may be suitable for you.

You can find further tips and advice on summer jobs and internships by reading through The Guardian’s recent live chat on making the most of summer jobs. Scroll to the comments section where many comments were directed to career experts on this topic.