While 2020 has been a year like no other, Christmas is still on it its way.  For both retail and eCommerce, the last 3 months of the year are generally responsible for most of their sales. The desire for the end of year spike in sales is higher than before.  It’s so important for those involved in the supply chain to ensure they meet demand and provide an efficient service.

When the demand of your services is too heavy for your current workforce, hiring temporary staff through an agency you can trust, will allow you to increase your headcount to meet your business needs.

Recruiting in a time of high unemployment can have its own unique challenges. Looking back at October 2019 the unemployment rate was 4.7 %, and this year it is 7.3%.  There are plenty of candidates to choose from, I hear you say.

True, but not always a good thing.

Vacancies will have a higher number of applications than usual, which means it will take longer to qualify applicants. More people are looking for quick work to replace the jobs they’ve lost and won’t necessarily have the right skill set.

An excellent example is all those from the hospitality industry who unfortunately lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Yes, they are unemployed, and yes, they need a job, but that doesn’t make them qualified accountants or skilled forklift drivers.

So, what does that mean for the employer?

During these uncertain times companies are looking at their budgets and how to reduce costs. That leaves us with the question where to find skilled seasonal staff?

Recruitment agencies in this case are the most cost effective and efficient solution. At PRL Recruitment we have a database of flexible skilled workers who specialise in targeted areas that can be available at short notice.

We thoroughly screen all candidates, interview and reference check. We will save you the time, energy and money of doing it yourself. That way your management team can focus on productivity and maximising profitability.

Not only that, we will take responsibility for onboarding and payroll. While your management team is focused on the prosperity of the company, your recruitment partners will take the pain of hiring away. PRL Recruitment are ISO Certified and your employees will have every confidence in our payroll process.

It is very important to know what service and candidates you need as not every agency will suit your requirements; each specialise in different industries. It is crucial that Recruiter listens and provides you with the best possible solution.

Taking on board seasonal staff will reflect well on your business, it will motivate existing employees, will reduce fatigue and most of all it will reduce overtime and its costs.

Will hiring Temporary Staff be beneficial to your business?

If you would like to connect and discuss further, please get in touch with me directly at [email protected]. We are happy to share our successes and strategies and welcome the chance to work with you.