Established in 1973, PRL Recruitment has been servicing the Irish market for over 45 years. For over four decades we have widely been considered as the ‘go to Sales Recruitment Agency’ throughout the island of Ireland.

When publishing the 2020 Salary Guide for our clients, it was clear that a more complete guide to Sales Recruitment was warranted. Recruiting sales staff is potentially more challenging than recruiting any other position within an organisation. After all, if a sales team doesn’t sell, there’s a fundamental problem within that business and making the wrong decision can cost the business dearly.

The purpose of this guide is to support hiring managers in making the correct hiring decision as well as provide structure around the process. The Complete Guide to Sales Recruitment includes:

  • Salary guidelines for 2020 across multiple sectors and roles
  • What to look for when reviewing CVs
  • Potential interview questions
  • A sample of stress questions to observe how the Candidate reacts under pressure
  • A reference template


To download our Complete Guide to Sales Recruitment, please click the link below.


The Complete Guide to Sales Recruitment