If you’ve been happily employed at the same job for a number of years, there’s a good chance your CV has been gathering dust. Don’t worry I’m sure you’re not alone! If you’re completely satisfied in your current role and have no intention of leaving anytime soon, you might think “What’s the point?”

Keeping your CV up to date is essential, as you never know when an opportunity will come knocking, sometimes when you least expect it. This may come in the form of an internal promotion, you may be actively job hunting or you might hear about a great new job from a Recruiter. Preparation is key, being ready to send your CV quickly will ensure you don’t miss out on what could be the perfect opportunity.

I have been recruiting Sales Professionals throughout Ireland for local and multinational businesses for a over 6 years. In that time, I have seen some great candidates miss out on amazing opportunities because they were a little slow in submitting their applications. Also, because they had to write their CV retrospectively, in a lot of cases they missed out some training, key achievements and other core information which might have landed them that face to face interview.


Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today!

Letting your CV get stale creates a lot of work and stress when you start a new job search or have been engaged by a reputable Recruiter like me and my team at PRL Recruitment. Writing a CV isn’t always the easiest of tasks and there’s a lot of pressure to include only the most relevant information.

It’s very easy to forget what you have accomplished in your role, particularly if you have been doing it for a long period of time. Documenting your achievements regularly will save you the last-minute rush of trying to remember everything.

Your CV is your primary selling tool and it is unique to you, your skills and your experience. A well-presented CV can secure you an interview by catching the eye of an employer. A recruiter can spot a generic CV a mile away!


Avoid selling yourself short.

Updating your CV will remind you of where you are now, your key skills, strengths and achievements. It’s good to take stock of how far you have come and remain confident in your area of expertise.

In addition to having a clear sense of where you are in your career it will also help you understand what you want for your next move and how you are going to get there.

Make a list of everything you’ve achieved in work in the last 12 months. When you whittle this down I am sure there are still plenty of good points worth mentioning. Make a note of key successes and big wins. Its important to clearly shout out about them.

By looking at areas you are currently proficient in will also help you notice any gaps in skills that could do with further development. If you are striving for a promotion by regularly updating your CV means you can measure what you need to improve on. Currently there are numerous free online courses offering you the chance to up-skill or even brush up.


The Task in Hand.

Writing a CV doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Not many of us are strong at self-promotion.  There is certain CV etiquette which can be overwhelming to some. The all-important “Keywords” should be on the first half of the first page and repeated throughout.

By updating your CV regularly, you will fine tune it and become more confident in showcasing your skills. Knowing how to sell yourself effectively is key to a successful job hunt.  Remember, your CV, is the first impression a future employer has, so it is essential it becomes as fine tuned as possible. Make it easy for the person reviewing the CV to quickly make the connection between “This is what we need” and “Here’s what this candidate can walk through the door and deliver”. By doing this you will increase your odds of landing an interview.

Tedious as it may sound, you must tailor your CV for each position you apply for, ticking the exact requirements of the position while ensuring the contents is accurate and is a true reflection of you and your accomplishments. It is worth keeping a bank of achievements, new projects etc., so you can add what is relevant to each application.

Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar!


Do you even remember where your CV is?

It is very important to store your CV in a secure place, preferably online, in your e-mail or in the cloud. This will ensure that it is not lost if your hard drive crashes. Also, it is easily accessible and ready to send at short notice.

A good habit to get into, is to read through your CV at least once a year to keep track of your accomplishments and potential opportunities. Many people tend to forget some of their accomplishments, skills and abilities over time if they are not reviewed on a regular basis.

Try reading through your own CV, you will feel better about yourself once you remember all that you’ve accomplished.


The most important document you own!

When you get your CV right, the doors of opportunity will open for you. You never know when a new situation will pop up, however it happens more often that you think.

And this is where we come in. We offer frank and honest feedback on your CV from a Recruiters First Impression. Our experienced Consultants work in a collaborative environment to help people move from their old job to a new job in a smooth a process as possible.

In what has now become our new normal, economic activity has to continue. Recruiting processes are still ongoing. There is no time like the present to work on your CV, you’ll thank yourself later down the line.


For any help or guidance in structure your CV, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Emer Woodfull, Senior Recruitment Consultant. PRL Recruitment