Have you ever felt stuck in a rut and in dire need of a change of scenery? Has each day become more and more difficult to remain motivated? If these questions sound familiar then it may be time to look at moving towards a different career path.

Many professionals have contemplated a change of career at some point but very few actually go through with it. If you want to move to the very top of an industry, staying in a career where you can’t remain motivated just won’t work. Have a look at the two factors below. If either of them apply to you then it could very well be time to look at a change.

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You need to enjoy what you do

The bottom line is if you don’t exert a ounce of passion for the career that you are in there is little chance that you will ever move forward. Just doing a job for the sake of it is an all too common trend with professionals around the world. In an ideal world everyone would be working in an industry they love. Unfortunately it can take a long time to realise your true calling.

It’s never too late for a career change. Go out and re-skill yourself towards something new. Never give up until you find something that stimulates and excites you. Remember you can train yourself to work hard in an industry you don’t like but when you do something you love your work ethic and motivation come naturally.

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You are suffering from burnout

At the end of each working week you are exhausted. Your energy levels are at zero and all you want to do is slump on the couch and nothing else. Sound familiar? If your career is preventing you from leading any kind of normal life outside of the working environment then it is definitely time to look at changing your career.

Everyone gets tired at some stage. It is only natural but consistently low energy levels due to stress or other factors is not good at all and can lead to serious health problems down the line. Is staying in a career that is putting this strain on you really worth risking your health?.

A change of career doesn’t just mean a new job; it can lead to a whole new lifestyle, higher energy levels and an overall increase in happiness.

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