2020 has brought many new challenges to economies Worldwide especially the pandemic and there is no doubt that the pandemic will impact almost every Country and economy for the rest of the year and 2021 at least. Some businesses will unfortunately have to close their doors, some will have significant losses, but change is inevitable. For the ones that will survive this crisis and adapt to it; the show must go on, which means these businesses still need a flexible and reactive workforce to keep the business running. It is very important for every business to recognise the power and possibilities of their current workforce, but also to identify the need for new staff. There is no business that will succeed if their employees are experiencing an overload of work, are unhappy or feel insecure in regards to the stability of their environment.

That is why every business should be aware and recognise the value and benefits of temporary staffing. Temporary staffing can benefit both the employer and employee


  • Quality Candidates

One of the benefits of outsourcing temporary staff is the quality of the candidates. At PRL Recruitment all candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed face to face and reference checked. As a result you have a choice of those that have a skill set relevant to your business but have also been subject to strict screening practices.


  • Ideal Staffing Levels & Increased Efficiency

All companies have seasonal or peak periods, and some will have temporary projects. When the workload is too heavy for your current workforce and you don’t know what the results of the increase demand will bring? Hiring temporary staff through an agency you trust, will get you qualified candidates and reduce the workload on your employees, which will lead to increased efficiency. As we know, a happy employee is the best employee.


  • Controlled Costs

Outsourcing temporary staff will save you time and money as the agency is responsible for the financial burden of recruiting, screening, reference checking and the validation of their licenses such as forklift drivers etc.


  • Increased Reach

Agencies have built their own database of candidates who specialise in targeted areas and will have 2-3 highly qualified candidates ready to start in shortest period of time.


  • Greater Flexibility

As your company grows, development plans may change, so outsourcing temporary staff is giving you greater flexibility to adapt to new business plans. Not only that, if time shows you have a requirement for a permanent position, you can always hire the tried and tested temporary staff directly and on a permanent basis.


  • Time Saving

The last but not the least important element of outsourcing temporary staff is time. As described in the above bullet points, hiring processes can be costly and require a lot of time and dedication. Outsourcing temporary and permanent solutions, every manager has more time to focus on how to grow the business and make it more efficient and profitable.


Going through the process of hiring is challenging, no matter if it is temporary or permanent, that’s why it is very important to choose the right agency for your hiring needs. Not all  agencies are the same, and not all of them serve the same markets. It is important to recognise the one that will provide you with expert advice and knowledge within the industry you are looking to hire. Specialised agencies will also provide you with top quality candidates to meet your demands..


PRL Recruitment has been sourcing staff for across multiple sectors, including, FMCG, Pharma, IT, Finance and Logistic & Supply Chain for over 45 years. All of the consultant have a professional background in the areas they are recruiting for so we will have a good understanding of your requirements.


For more information about our temporary staffing solutions, please email me directly [email protected]