In Ireland, a few years back, with the advent of web-service recruitment alternatives, the consensus was that recruitment agencies would become surplus to requirements. However, time has proved that you cannot get the same results. Many have tried and failed. Face to face is the only way for successful recruitment.

Agencies in Dublin are thriving with more and more specializing in relevant industry sectors or markets, such as PRL Recruitment who specialize in Sales Recruitment. You simply cannot get the same insights, resources or access to the market.

Everyone knows that the current market in Ireland is a job seekers market. Unemployment is now at c.4.8 % the lowest rate in 15 years.

In addition, there is another factor challenging the recruitment processes of businesses in Ireland, following the onset of the recession 12 years ago, there was a mass exodus of professional graduates, depleting Ireland of its source of educated qualified workforce for the future.

Our talented graduates and our pool of professionals in the very early years of their career flew off to greener grass and pastures new in Australia, North America and elsewhere, laying down their roots never to return.

Consequently there is a sizable hole in the pool of resources for quality candidates and top notch talent.

Quality candidates tend to be in quality roles in quality companies who are doing what they need to ensure that they retain their talent.

Quality candidates are not looking. So how do you find them?

The only option is through a reputable specialized Recruitment Agency, with years of experience, talented consultants with the means and the resources to do it for you. PRL Recruitment is one such agency, originally known as Sales Placement and in business for 46 years this year.

Sales personnel at all levels are a necessity to the success of any organization and sales and marketing recruitment agencies are a necessity to the Business Managers of Irelands thriving economy. Internal and external recruitment are arguably the most important business processes of any company.

But internal recruitment costs time and money. This is where the right agency will play that vital role in any business, saving you time and money, finding and presenting the strongest and best candidates for the future success of a business. An agency such as PRL Recruitment will find, identify, contact and qualify top talent across all levels of your Sales and Marketing division.

Time is of the essence in a candidate driven market. The process of hiring has to be speedy, or your perfect fit will be gone elsewhere, before you can draw up the final draft of a contract. This is especially true in fast paced environment where your sales force sits.

Agencies can speed up that process, taking the stress off your company’s HR department. It’s what we do, and in the long run, you will save on placing the right candidate with an agency fee, as opposed to leaving the role open or placing someone who might be up to the job.

So. What is it that makes a recruitment agency such as PRL Recruitment, indispensable to your company in your hiring process?


  • Candidate database

Agencies know our candidates and know our markets, we know who is looking and who is not. We know the personality, successes and styles of our candidates. We know the right culture fit for our candidates. We have access to thousands of quality candidates and in most cases we have trusting relationships with our top candidates. Some of PRL’s candidates have been on our database for decades and offer referrals for new and experienced talent. They have risen through the ranks and managed teams, departments and companies. They are experts in their field and are an indispensable resource for candidates.

  • Creative job specs

Consultants know how to catch the attention of the talent. We know how to write the description and the appropriate language to use for any specific profile of candidate. We can create a jobs spec that can sell your company to the right kind of candidate. We know how to highlight the benefits of your company and communicate ‘what’s in it’ for the right candidate.

  • LinkedIn

Recruitment agencies have amassed thousands of connections on LinkedIn. Consultants will have connected with thousands of candidates relative to our sector. PRL have thousands and thousands of connections across our pool of consultants, specific to our market. And, with LinkedIn, we have access to recruitment tools that will reduce the time required to access relevant candidates by up to 80%.

  • Expertise

Recruitment agencies are experts at finding the right candidates for the roles we fill. We are trained specifically to do this and do it right. Consultants are often highly experienced in their sector. In PRL, we have over 100 years of combined experience in sales and recruitment in Dublin, Ireland and beyond. The profile of a recruitment consultant is of tenacity and determination, a multitasker that thrives on success and commission. This kind of expertise and drive is often missing within a HR department. A recruitment agency will streamline your processes.

  • Objectivity

Agencies have the benefit of objectivity and we can analyse and question a company’s hiring processes. We can work with a company to improve your hiring process and collaborate with a hiring manager to find the right way to find the right candidate. We can offer relevant market expertise to both candidate and client. We also have the benefit of our leader’s expertise to pass on in our consultancy with clients. Furthermore, due to our expertise and objectivity, we are more creative and innovative in our candidate searches.

  • Saving Time and Money

Free up a senior managers time.  If you work with an agency we will interview a shortlist of candidates, assess, test, interview and reference check so that you are only presented with the absolute top 2 or 3 candidates. Your top management’s time is precious and expensive. We are the solution and the saving.

  • Quality vs Quantity

Recruiters know the difference between quality and quantity. From initial applications, we can identify who should be phone screened. We can identify who should be then interviewed. We can shortlist and shortlist again. In sales recruitment we can drill and examine. We can guide and coach a candidate so that what you have in front of you is a quality candidate who is fit for the role, prepared and presented. They are equipped to communicate so that you can see their best traits, skills and genuine personality. You will be presented with quality, not numbers.

  • Reputation

It’s in our interest for us as recruitment agency’s to do our best job possible for both client and candidate. It is absolutely crucial that we consultants give the level and quality of service that a client expects, at a minimum. Agencies are looking to build partnerships and long term relationships with our clients. You will get results from an agency, our reputation depends on it.

For more information on how and why you should use PRL Recruitment to support your staffing needs in 2020, please call 01668 5144 or email me direct [email protected]

Jessica Duggan

Sales Recruitment Specialist