In most medium sized to large companies with a significant number of employees there’s always a handful that raise the bar for everyone else and push themselves harder than the rest. These are the type of employees that thrive on results and success and are unwilling to shirk any task or challenge. They are known as the high performers.

Here we explore the very traits & habits that drive these high performers to behave and operate differently from the rest of the pack. An insight into this mindset certainly makes for fascinating reading.


Have you ever heard the saying “You must love the job you do?”. While this is certainly true in many respects it can be difficult for many employees to develop a real passion for their job, especially those that work in a tedious environment.

Not for high performers however, they will develop a real sense of pride and sense of purpose for any role or project that they have been tasked with and will strive make it their own. Growing tired or complacent of their position just isn’t an option for a high performer as an intense craving for success & fulfillment takes precedent.


One of the key factors of the success of an employee in any industry is the ability to apply a good organisational structure to everything that they are tasked with. This is a much sought after skill in the workplace and it’s no surprise that the high performers possess it in abundance.

While their colleagues work to a loose daily routine and generally go with the flow, the high performer will have a fully structured approach to everything that they do, with each task and project segmented and outlined. They will also map out their days/weeks in advance and maintain a fully controlled management schedule over their allotted working time to avoid becoming side-tracked.

Work ethic

Let’s face it, most people in a normal working environment simply can’t wait to get out the door once the clock strikes 5. Those who do stay after hours generally do so to catch up on work which has usually built up due to a number of reasons including mismanagement of time, procrastination or other factors.

For a high performer, staying late means something entirely different – they will try to cram in as much productivity into each day as possible even if it means clocking up extra hours by the dozen each week. Each hour is regarded as a valuable commodity and laziness is not an option.


Everyone has been set a task and a deadline at some stage in their lives whether it was in school, college, at home or the workplace. How many of us actually complete these tasks a substantial time before the deadline date however?

Most humans have a natural inclination to put things off, this certainly doesn’t apply to high performers however. They work off a system where every task is planned, organised and completed before most people would have even considered beginning the initial planning stage. It’s this high level of efficiency that makes a high performing employee so invaluable to an employer.

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