The job hunting process can be long and difficult process for many. Couple this with the added pressure of a testing job interview and the road to landing your dream job just seems longer and longer.

Many well qualified and capable professionals have fallen at the interview hurdle due to a number of reasons, usually due to their failure to prepare. If you go into any interview unprepared a potential employer will see right through you.

If you do prepare however, your chances of landing that job will significantly improve and place you in good standing in the eyes of an employer:


So you have landed the interview, the next logical step is to find out as much as you can about the company you are applying for. Find out how long they have been around, research previous projects they have completed, analyse how many employees work there.

If you gather enough information about the company as you can you will then become well equipped to fashion some questions of your own towards a prospective employer while being prepared to answer any they might ask you. You should also transfer this information into notes which you may study before the interview.

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The big day has arrived, Make sure to look presentable and groomed. Wear a neat well pressed suit and polished shoes and strive to attend the interview as early as you can.

At this stage it’s only natural to feel any nerves kicking in, it’s learning to control them that makes the difference. Always keep your calm and composure. When you first meet the interviewer greet them with a warm and firm handshake. Always break the ice with a general piece of small talk and begin.

When the interviewer is asking questions it is important that you use the right body language at at all times. Keep a good posture and make eye contact with the interviewer when answering questions, never look down on the floor or fidget. Wait your turn to ask questions never interrupt or talk over the employer, this will present you as being rude and impatient. Finding the right time to speak is crucial.

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At the end of the interview the employer will either inform you if you have got the position or will state that they will be in touch in a certain period of time. Exit the meeting with a firm handshake once again and thank the interviewer for their time.

If you have been informed that you have been successful make sure to send a thank you email that evening, otherwise wait for the the scheduled correspondence from the company.

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