Staff at Dunnes Stores in Gorey, Co Wexford were stunned to learn that the shop is to close with immediate effect.

A statement released by the Mandate trade union yesterday revealed the news. According to the union, workers were called into a meeting at 6pm on Thursday and informed of the closure. They were given no indication regarding their future employment at the company nor any explanation as to why the shop has been closed.

Staff members were said to have been left in tears by the announcement.

The General Secretary of Mandate John Douglas said “it was a bolt out of the blue. It’s a modern store in a modern shopping centre. There was no sense that this might happen.”

“It’s deplorable that 100 staff could be sent home and told their jobs are on the line and given no explanation as to what lies for them in the future,” Mr Douglas added. “They have no idea how they’re going to pay their bills and feed their families. For Dunnes Stores managers to make this announcement in this way is insensitive and a disgraceful way to treat their staff.”

“This is completely unacceptable. We’re once again calling on the company to do the right thing by their workers,” he said.
>He urged Dunnes management to clarify the situation. “Agree to a meeting with the workers’ representatives and ensure that jobs are protected in the best interests of the business and the workers concerned.”

This latest store closure comes in a turbulent recent period for Dunnes. While recent staff strikes have led to a 3 percent pay increase for workers, more industrial action is on the horizon. They did however increase their market share in April although the closing of the store in Gorey is likely to have a negative impact on this.

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