An interesting Daily Mail article has identified the five main office personalities, and we bet you’ll recognise them, you might even be one of them!

The ball breaker

You know the type, the stop at nothing to claw their way up the corporate ladder type. To work with them you need to be a bit cunning, don’t challenge them but don’t show weakness either. Watch out for this extroverted un-empathetic type and upset them at your peril.

The nurturer

Possibly the opposite of the Ball Breaker always ready with a comforting cuppa and some homespun advice. Nurturer’s are generally not that ambitious but do fiercely guard ‘their way of doing things.’ Don’t interfere and show them some love and they will be a friend for life.

The social butterfly

This type seem to use work as a way to further their busy social life, and can be found making arrangements for the office Christmas do in August. Good for invitations and a social life.

The Bernard’s watch man

This office personality is named after a British TV show in which a young boy could stop time with his watch. This office personality is in first after a session at the gym and out last. They seem to be able to perform Herculean tasks without a hair out of place.

The creative type

These types are open but not very hard working. They find it difficult to conform but they know all the office gossip. They are usually in admin roles that they have occupied forever.

Do any of these look familiar? How many of them can you identify in your office and more to the point have you worked out which one you are?