We’ve all felt that initial enthusiasm when starting a new job. There’s an eagerness to impress and an iron will to succeed. While it is good to hit the ground running in a new role it is also important to remember that taking on too much too soon can lead to a professional’s worst nightmare. Burnout.

If you have been feeling tired, unproductive and discontented in your new role then chances are you are suffering the effects of burnout.

It is at this point where you should reevaluate your working routine and consider making some critical changes. There are a number of ways to heal or even prevent burnout, some of which we will explore here.

Take a step back

Many new employees who experience burnout do so because they launch themselves head first into their work without any considerate planning or scheduling. Stop and think about it, there’s no rush, think of your new job as a marathon not a sprint.

Take a step back and assess everything first and realise your initial capabilities. You will find that you will become quicker & more efficient at completing tasks over time.

Draw your boundaries

Sometimes it’s hard to say no, especially in a new working environment where you’re keen to impress. However if you want to avoid becoming burnt out sometimes it’s best to rebuff certain tasks that you feel may become dead weight on your existing workload.

The same applies to working excess hours, sure we all feel the need to stay late at the office sometimes to finish a specific task or project.

It’s important however to not make this a regular habit, this goes for checking your emails constantly outside of working hours. Set your boundaries between your working life and your free time.

Talk about it

Many people who experience burnout tend to keep it to themselves and carry on like there’s nothing wrong at all. The simple truth is that it really helps to talk and by discussing your problems with a friend, family member or colleague you may alleviate some of that pent up stress.

You may also receive some good & valuable advice from colleagues that have faced the same problem at some point.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

There is so much to be said for a good night’s sleep. A good sleeping routine can act as the perfect remedy for stress and exhaustion while reinvigorating the mind and body for each working day.

While you should try to unwind after a long day at the office you should also make a point of going to sleep at an earlier time. Creating the habit of getting an early & restful nights sleep will ensure that you will start each morning fresher while also paying dividends towards avoiding burnout.

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