We’ve all heard the old saying “the customer is always right”. While some may not agree with this mantra one thing is certain: the way the customer perceives your business and your ability to deal with their concerns can play a pivotal role in determining the success of your business.

In the digital age there are more platforms than ever before for a customer to enter their queries or voice their displeasure about a particular service or product.

This is why it is essential to stay on top all the time and apply the same top quality service to each individual customer. Here are some key tips to help provide quality customer service.

Respond ASAP

Time is everything here. A customer will expect a swift response so it’s essential to provide it for them. Never procrastinate on replying, the longer you leave it the more disillusioned the customer will become.

Even if you can’t deal with their requests right away let them know that you are working on it. Try to provide a time frame of when you will be able to deal with their request and specify a contact time.

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Listen to your customers

This is a mistake that many companies make. They promise the sun, moon and stars when dealing with a customers requests but never actually listen to the customers needs.

When engaging with a customer it is important to take on board everything that they have to say. Even if the request is minute take a note and gain clarity. Doing this will give you a full understanding of the customers needs.

This will not only help you with an individual task, it will also help you to deal with similar requests in the future and will act as valuable feedback for the company.

Keep your promises

When dealing with a particularly difficult customer there is often a temptation to pawn them off with empty promises and assurances. Never ever do this. Failing to keep promises can lead to disastrous consequences for your company.

If you make promises that you don’t fulfill there is a high possibility that the customer will take further action either by word of mouth or online. The last thing the company needs is a string of bad reviews on its social channels

Always keep your customer updated

If you have made a promise to look into a request or an issue for a customer then it is very unwise to leave them in the dark by not staying in regular contact.

Always try to update the customer on the progress of their request even if it will take some time to complete. A customer will appreciate your honesty more than being seemingly forgotten about .

A simple phone call or an email once or twice a week will be enough. Always strive to contact the customer first before they contact you. This shows respect and a genuine concern about the customers needs.

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