How can a Staffing Agency use social media to attract candidates? There is no getting away form the power of social media these days and as a recruiter, why would you want to? Social media is a platform that could give recruitment agencies a massive boost towards reaching their full potential. Here are some Personnel Placement Tips on how to reach out to and attract the best candidates using social media.

Knowing your objective

Any business strategy needs proper preparation. Think about why you are looking at social media platforms. Is it because you are trying to get an idea of candidates’ backgrounds, interests and ultimate goals? Understanding your ideal candidate’s social media personality will help in the selection of the platforms that will help most with your search. Having clear objectives will help avoid any misunderstanding and will make it clear on what basis you would think of recruiting any particular person.

Shine a Light:

Giving too many updates about live roles being recruited can be off putting. Make it simple for candidates to find you with a clear representation of your business online. Be consistent by using the same logo and business information whichever on line platform you are on. This will help job seekers identify your company and its objectives.

Your current workforce might hold the key:

LinkedIn is a great example of the power of referrals. It often happens that one candidate is found through another, or perhaps a recommendation from an employee a friend or even a family member. So motivate your current employees to spread the word and do a bit of head hunting for you.

Avoid the Sledge Hammer Approach:

When you communicate with a possible candidate go gently to see what they feel comfortable discussing. There are sometimes career details and other things that they might feel a bit sensitive about and the last thing you want to appear is nosy and probing and never ask any question that the candidate will not want to answer online.

Used well social media can be a great tool for attracting candidates