Reputable Recruitment Agencies such as PRL Recruitment have been servicing Irish businesses for over four decades building a network and database of qualified, competent and reliable candidates. Our understanding of the Irish Markets across multiple sectors and the types of candidates required by employers is how we have successfully challenged the test of time.

Engaging reliable Recruitment Agencies such as PRL Recruitment has several benefits for employers of all sizes:


  1. As the Irish Markets continue to grow and perform, the number of qualified, suitable and reliable candidates reduce. Unemployment in Ireland is approaching an all-time low and by engaging a Recruitment Agency who specialises in your sector will reduce the search and recruitment time compared to self-sourcing and advertising. Recruitment Agencies also have a larger network of suitable candidates and by sourcing candidates timely, employers reduce the search time which can impact business performance.
  2. Retention and guarantee periods: Reputable Recruitment Agencies such as PRL Recruitment thoroughly screen all candidates on the phone and conduct multiple face to face interviews prior to meeting the client. This process alone filters applicants resulting in only the most committed and suitable candidates being presented to the Client. Furthermore, we guarantee all our placements; if employment is terminated or if the candidate leaves the company for any reason other than redundancy, the recruitment agency will source a replacement at no extra cost. This reduces the cost of re-hire.
  3. Most Senior Managers and businesses are time poor. Do they really have the time required to source, screen and shortlist suitable candidates as well as service the business’s needs? The majority of clients who engage with us don’t have the time to screen candidates to the same level of detail as we do. This often results in bad hires or short term hires.
  4. Advanced search tools: Most Recruitment Agencies have superior searching tools for candidates with a wider reach. This immediately increases the talent pool. The same tools can also be used for ‘headhunting’ purposes which is especially useful when recruiting for specialist roles.
  5. The biggest advantage of using a Recruitment Agency like PRL Recruitment is the fee. We have the upmost confidence in our services that we operate a no foal no fee policy.


For more information on PRL Recruitment, our services and why clients continue to return and engage PRL Recruitment time and time again, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01668 5144. We’re confident that you will find our honest non-biased approach to recruitment refreshing and welcoming.