Let’s flashback to the beginning of last year. Remember those promises that you made to yourself “I’ll get back into regular employment”, “I’ll change my career”, “I’ll earn that promotion”. Fast forward twelve months and you’re still in the same position and that ideal career seems as further away as ever.

Here’s the good news: the advent of a new year brings with it the chance of new beginnings and it’s certainly never too late to start again. Here are five key resolutions that will help you aim for that career that you’ve always dreamed of.

Make this year count

Lets forget about last year and what might have been, instead it’s time to turn your focus towards achieving your goals this year. Try keeping a diary of all your efforts from the beginning of the year, this will help you to stay focused and help you to keep on track of your goals.

It is important to maintain your resolve and refrain from becoming sidetracked. Seize any opportunity and apply for as many positions as you can. Just think of where you could be twelve months down the line.

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Give your CV a makeover

There’s a lot to be said about a well presented curriculum vitae. In fact many employers base their decisions over whether to hire a potential candidate on the quality of their CV. With this in mind maybe it’s time to consider an overhaul of your current CV to improve its overall quality & structure.

There are many helpful resources & information available online to assist with this. Alternatively you could contact us and receive our expert consultation to around how to build the perfect CV.

Reevaluate your online presence

In this digital era it’s no surprise that many prospective employers assess the suitability of a potential candidate by first checking up on their online presence. Step one is to set up and maintain an active & professional LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. Step two is cleaning up all your overall social media presence.

This includes removing or reducing public the visibility of unprofessional photos, posts containing profanity or inappropriate language, spelling mistakes or any other content that may make an employer deem you unsuitable for a position.

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Make new contacts

There is no doubt that networking is an integral aspect of the job hunting process. It’s all about putting yourself out there & selling yourself to prospective employers. How will a prospective employer ever discover the value of a candidate if they remain anonymous?

LinkedIn is a crucial platform for this as it allows the candidate to join circles and connect with industry influencers. Build up your presence and make as many contacts as possible, you never know how valuable some of them may prove to be in the future.

Volunteer for local charities & events

Trying to build up a healthy CV especially with little or no experience can prove to be an extremely difficult task. Fortunately there are many volunteer opportunities out there to gain valuable experience and add some flair to your resume.

Maybe there’s a fundraising event or a coffee morning in the local community centre that you may be able to participate in. Alternatively you could also drop down to your local homeless shelter, animal charity or sports club and volunteer a few hours of your week.

While the thought of unpaid work may not appeal to some it’s wise to take a look at the bigger picture here. Not only are you doing a good deed for your community and providing valuable assistance to those in need, you’re also developing essential life skills that will prove invaluable in the job hunting process.

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