In an ideal world every interview that we ever attend would result in a resounding success. Unfortunately in reality things are much different. The job hunting process can be fiercely competitive and only the most determined candidates will be successful in the end.

Part of being successful in any endeavour is finding the ability to overcome any obstacles and to dig deep to pick oneself up after a number of setbacks. This most certainly applies to job interviews.

The rejection

Okay. You’ve followed the interview process meticulously. You’ve worn your best suit, arrived early and your C.V. and cover letter were both seemingly flawless. Unfortunately, the actual interview was unsuccessful and your confidence has dropped. What to do next?

Being rebuffed one or more times can be damaging to the morale of a candidate and can lead to the old “why bother” attitude. It is essential not to let the head drop after an unsuccessful job interview.

Remember the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again”. Persistence pays off and every setback should be seen as a learning curve.

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The aftermath

This can be a precarious situation for many. It is at this point that certain candidates start to feel discouraged so it’s important not to take the rejection personally. Always try to regain focus and keep your head held high. Countless people around the world go through the same feeling every single day so you’re certainly not alone.

Most employers will inform the candidate of their unsuccessful application through email, letter or telephone. If this kind of correspondence is received then there is no harm in requesting some constructive feedback. Although some companies may not disclose this kind of information others may oblige.

This feedback could prove invaluable towards preparing for your next interview. Many people are aware of their strengths but unsure of their weaknesses. Finding these kinks and working on them may prove to be the key towards a successful application in the future.

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Moving Forward

Now is the time to stay positive. You can start by keeping things in perspective. Just because you were unsuccessful doesn’t mean that your qualifications or attributes are inferior. Companies have certain criteria that require a specific match and an employer will weigh up many factors before making a final decision.

Maybe you weren’t the right fit for their particular criteria. Consider the fact that maybe one company’s loss will be another’s gain. Keep sending out those C.V’s and making connections.

When one door closes another one opens and the perfect position is out there for those candidates who really want it. The main thing is to keep your options open and size up other opportunities instead of reflecting on the past. Good luck!